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Every day we hear people talk about good and bad karma, improving or reversing it, etc. But what does that even mean?
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Karma is not a state of mind, or your life’s ‘credit history’. It is the situations of spiritual or emotional nature that need to meet closure. If the choices you make are wise, your karma gets healed. But if you take a step in the wrong direction, karma will teach you a life lesson the hard way.
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Getting bad karma does not always result from ill intent – you may trip up and make a lot of blunders. Usually one has to re-live the same or a similar situation and take pains to make things right this time.
KarmaClicker offers help
and expects no gratitude.
The chance to flip karma does not always appear soon enough. And here’s when KarmaClicker comes to rescue: it’s the place where you will be faced with new life situations every day, make the right choices and get your karma boosted and healed!
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