Today 21 / 07 / 2018

Look! What a thought-provoking story about a businessman and a fisherman I’ve got for you!

A businessman was standing on a pier in a small village and watching a fisherman in a little boat, who caught a big tuna. The businessman congratulated the fisherman on the catch, and asked how long it took him to catch such a big fish. "A couple of hours, no more," the fisherman answered. "So why don’t you stay here for some more time to catch more fish?" The businessman wondered. "One fish is enough for my family to get through the day." "And what do you do the rest of the day?" "I sleep till noon, then I go fishing for couple of hours, and then play with my children; after that I and my wife have siesta. In the evening I take a walk to the village: I meet my friends, drink wine, play the guitar. As you see, I enjoy my life." "You do everything wrong!" The businessman exclaimed. "I am a Harvard graduate, let me teach you how to do it right. You must fish all day long and buy a big boat." "And what’s next?" "Then you will catch more fish, and you will be able to buy a lot of boats or even ships, and hire people." "And what’s next?" "After that, instead of selling fish to a middleman, you will sell it directly to a factory. You will earn a lot of money, and open your own factory." "And what’s next?" "Then you will leave this village in the middle of nowhere and move to a big city to become the director of your own firm." "How much time will it take?" The fisherman inquired. "I guess from 15 to 20 years." "And what’s next?" "Ooh!" The businessman smiled. "Here is the most pleasant part. You can sell your firm for several millions and become a very rich person." "And then?" "And then you can afford to stop working, move in a small village on the coast, sleep till noon, go fishing, play with your children, have siesta with your wife, meet friends, drink wine, play the guitar. . . "
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