Did anyone hold the door for you? Or buy you coffee?
Or, maybe, someone did a bigger thing like watched your restless baby while you were taking a much-needed nap?

Tell us about the ways people were kind to you!
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I went to a restaurant to pick up "to go" food. It was during the noon lunch hour and I had to park a half a block away. I am an elderly lady and have trouble walking ...the waitress insisted on carrying the food to my car even tho' I told her where I had to park. She left customers waiting to help me, and was so kind and thoughtful....I think she was my angel......she made my day in more ways than one
Went in for out patient surgery this morning. Staff was so kind, personable, and happy. Easy, quick and out. Kudos to Kershsw Hospital for the comfort.
I work in a beauty salon selling and applying makeup. My co worker who is a hair dresser brings her clients over to me to try my makeup. Without expecting anything in return but just to help me out because my business has been very slow. I appreciate her more than you know. She is very kind and thoughtful with me and I bless her for her kindness.
I was setting in a corner folding cloths to give out at Daniels closet and someone came over with a big smile and said hello. She made me feel like I was important.